Why Wisdom School


Wisdom School Primary and High Schools are set to prepare pupils and students to be at the international level in all aspects. We prepare our children to be competitive on the international market by combining international curriculums starting with the Rwandan CBC and we look at the East African curriculum, the USA, the UK, the Australian and others. A child who has been at Wisdom Schools is prepared to continue without any problem his/her studies in any countries of this World.

Wisdom Schools have strong, committed and accountable administration, teachers and other staff members.

Starting the date we did our Primary Leaving Exams (PLE) and National Exams after senior three, pupils and students have passed 100% and have been awarded to continue their studies in selected good schools in Rwanda. Even those who went abroad, some of them have been given more steps (testimonies say that they jump classes in USA and in other Countries of Europe and Asia).

At Wisdom Schools, children enjoy good quality education, parental care, a culture of working hard with life-goals is cultivated in their day to day life and as well are trained in international languages: English, French, Swahili and Chinese. These languages give more opportunities to our children to be international business people throughout the whole World. Children enjoy as well the good food they receive at school.

The Wisdom School has a very large field of garden for children where they enjoy taking time resting and getting clear air for the good health (look at the pictures).

In the learning process, pupils and students enjoy to strengthen their studies in using our equipped laboratories of chemistry, biology and physics. The school has as well a library with more than 150,000 books of English, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, history, geography, sciences, social studies, French, Swahili, Kinyarwanda and more interested books for children. The school has a large computer laboratory where each pupil and student has his/her own computer to use during studies or practice (look at the pictures).

To enrich the smooth way of learning, the Wisdom schools organise study tours in the whole Country of Rwanda where children meet and see what they learn in classrooms. These tours are facilitate by its 7 big and new buses (see pictures).

Wisdom School has strong and modern infrastructures: Classrooms, dormitories and Administration buildings (look at the pictures).

Wisdom School Core Values: Heroism, Commitment and Accountability (HCA).Wisdom School Goal: Discipline, Hygiene, Environment Protection, Languages (Chinese, English, French and Swahili) and Academic Performance (the Wisdom School pass mark currently is 65%).

Extra-curricular activities: Wisdom Schools have not forgotten to have some extra-curricular activities. The important ones are different types of sports activities like football, basketball and volleyball. We have as well a music studio where children learn how to plan different instruments of music and a radio studio where children are trained to speak out in public. We have Wisdom School Radio (look at the pictures).