(Proverbs 9:10; Psalms 111:10).

We believe that our Almighty God who created the Universe is the one who set up the Wisdom School because we have seen his presence in our plans. It is well confirmed and explained in the Wisdom School’s anthem (hear it). At Wisdom School every pupil and student has to bring a Bible where we fetch our Wisdom.

Like any other institution, Wisdom school limited strives for academic excellence and do believe that God created each person with greatness in mind and a deep well of potential. There is a genius in every person and all we have to do is to find the key to unlock it, to tap and unlock the genius in us.

We do believe that the greatest challenge today is having a mind-sets of abundance not scarcity and poverty since we all have knowledge and skills but very few people have the right attitude and a mind-set.

Increasing the amount of basic schooling for Rwanda’s children remains a top priority for our community and we also believe that all children have the right to a high quality and loving education. It is through this belief that Wisdom school administration decided to get out of comfort zone backed by upbringing, culture, education or history and resort to chase and fulfill dreams since success in life begins with accepting to take responsibility and self-belief that everything is possible. Most people succeed where many have failed because of persistence, hard work, and focus on set goals, discipline, honest, taking life responsibility and believing that they can change their future.


I thank God for leaving me with this precious life that has enabled me have this opportunity to write an article that you

Will read and always inspire your life.

The provision of education services is becoming challenging day by

day with a media that awash with students in risky behaviours.

For effective learning to take place, the students discipline problems must be first managed by provision of adequate information on how comprehensive provision of approaches can be used to help youths avoid risky behaviours.

Students can avoid risky behaviours only when they get connected to God. Where that connection to God and that constant prayers is important to adolescents when they are less likely to smoke, drink alcoholic drinks or become involved in premarital sexual activity.

This is why chapel activities are always organised daily in the evenings and a main service is always held on Saturday to pave a better future for our children. On Saturday evening, we have guidance and counseling sessions where students are trained to understand the following ways in which they must hold themselves accountable for a better future in their lives.

  • Your behaviour and manners
  • How you spend your time matters a lot in your life
  • Your attitudes and thoughts
  • The respect you have for others
  • The way you respond to challenges in your life.
  • The way you keep yourself from problems and conserving your environment.
  • Being on time for all school activities and other personal appointments.

Remember, it is you!!! Always take personal accountability for your actions, responsibilities and goals in order to achieve anything important to you that you struggle for daily. By the will of God we shall succeed in all our endeavours regardless of age. AMEN.